Any person, of any and all genders, that embodies amazing energy and shares good vibes. 

A state of being, spiritual. 

A positive exclamation or a warm greeting. 


“I’ve got a great idea Dude!” 

“I am one with the Dude”

“Hey, Dude!”


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Our Vision


Brand Awareness

Partnering with businesses to raise awareness and drive results with strategic insights



Results Driven

Producing efficient results and allowing businesses to focus on bettering themselves



Increasing Value

Retaining and growing current relationships while adding new customers


Customer Support

Providing caring customer service and attention to detail 



Double Kick Coffee

Hiring Hey Dude Creative was the best thing we ever did for our marketing efforts and our bottom line.  After years of selling to businesses directly, we decided we wanted to switch things up and move to the individual consumer side. HDCM built out a professional website with a store attached to it, took care of our branding and even signed up for our monthly coffee subscription.  Thanks again for all your help!  The Dude, Abides! 

CannaBeer US

Don’t spend another day worried about your marketing efforts!  They really know how to market a business, both online and offline, even an international business like ours.  We are an award-winning beer company from Spain and our goal was to establish our brand in the USA — Hey Dude really took the time to understand our mission and we look forward to growing our company with their help. 

Food Culture LA

Thank you so much to the team at Hey Dude Creative Marketing!  They helped our restaurant from the very beginning.  They sat and listened to our entire concept, helped with the menus and website, helped us get everything on multiple delivery apps and Yelp, set up our social media presence and executed a brilliant marketing campaign that really showcased the food culture brand.

About Our Company




Here at Hey Dude believe in the value of professional marketing service with a down-to-earth attitude. A normal shop would say that we’re a full-service agency for all your marketing and creative needs but we are more than just a typical marketing agency. We also offer business coaching, innovative content creation and analytical services that drive success to your business or brand with our own unique spin of funky fresh that will inspire your audience to exclaim “Hey!”.


We are here to create more opportunities for our clientele to flourish and hope that you’ll join our community here at Hey Dude.


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